So some friends and I made a video for our Korean final, and it’s Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby. And I’m really proud of it.

Big Bang- Bad Boy

I like it. I like it a lot. ^^

Just  side thought, but GD looks like a fuzzy back turtle in that jacket. Lulz.

I actually don’t really like this video as much as I was anticipating I would, and honestly I really should have guessed it would be this way. I think that YGE really needs to be more creative with their videos. They do the same thing in every. single. video. They walk, they look distressed, they make sexy time eyes at the camera, and then they walk some more. Oh, and don’t forget the car scenes. They almost always throw a car in there. It’s the same thing with 2NE1. Walk, sexy stare down, walk, sit in a car, dance (a little), then walk more. Don’t get me wrong I love this song, I’ve been fangirling all day, looking at all the really great edits everyone is making, and playing this song on repeat all day long. It’s totally catchy. Just please YG, show me something different that I haven’t seen in every single music video since they’ve debuted. 

Reblog if you screamed.


Big Bang won!


When me and my friends hear our favorite song in a public place


Look at each other:

Then dance together:

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High High plays on my computer and instantly I’m like


Cuz this song still the ability to make me act a damn fuu.

“…up in the sky…”

Those two outfits. Idek.

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